(updated Monday, March 14, 2017)


Blue Moon Akitas is a small, family-owned kennel located in central North Carolina. We have been involved with Akitas since 2006 when we fell in love with this noble breed. The Akita breed originates from the mountains of Japan, where it was originally bred to hunt bear and protect its family. The Akita is a powerful, independent and dominant dog who needs a knowledgeable owner to properly train it and be its pack leader. In return, you will have an incredibly loyal dog who will bond closely with you and your family. We invite you to come visit us, meet our dogs and learn more about this amazing breed.

At Blue Moon Akitas, we strive to breed the perfect dog...one that will love its family unconditionally, protect its loved ones from any harm and embody all the characteristics of this noble breed.  We pride ourselves on breeding dogs with friendly temperaments, proper conformation and excellent health.



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We have a new litter of puppies available. They are currently 4 weeks old and will be ready to go mid-April. Please see our For Sale page for more information.